Custom Tins

Conceptual Stage:-

Here you tell us more about your packaging plan. The shape, size and any special features of the tin packaging required.

Take a look at our product library, it maybe that some of our ‘stock’ tins would suit your purpose.

It may be that we can adjust one of our stock tins to suit your purpose.


Visual Design and Prototype Sampling: –

We start our visual design from your initial sketch, drawing or specifications and can then confirm the actual physical look of your tin, by means of an initial prototype ‘sample.’

Any required modifications or refinements can then be made by varying the proportion of the dimensions or even the shape of tin.


Artwork Design:-

After the final 3-D shape of the tin is determined, a template will be developed for your packaging artwork.

Trial printing of the artwork will be done on suitable metal sheet and upon approval of the printed artwork , we’ll make actual tin samples as a reference standard for future production.


Production Stage:-

Once the printed tin sample is approved, we’ll start production with the normal lead time for production being from 60 days onward.

A pre-production sample could be available for final approval if necessary, prior to mass production.



We can provide a full logistic support service to ensure that your goods are delivered to their designated location in the cost effective and efficient manner.