How do I know what shape of tin is most suitable for me?

The shape is largely a matter of your preference. To get the ideal shape you need to think about the product you are packing, the amount of shelf space available and where your item is going to be stored. If you need it, we can help you select your ‘ideal’ tin based on our extensive product and user experience.


How to mesaure the size of a tin?

We normally measure a tin based on the maximum external dimension, i.e. The dimension after a tin is closed, and inclusive of the lid and the bead when the base is rolled outside. The unit of measurement would be in ‘mm’ or ‘inches’. The inner dimension which we would describe as capacity is normally expressed as ‘oz’, ‘ml’ or ‘g’, and would vary significantly from product to product. All dimensions specified will have a tolerance level of up to 3%.


What is the minimum order size?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) primarily depends on the size and complexity of tin, the printing requirement and the delivery terms. We can supply MOQ as low as of 3,000pcs for unprinted and 5,000pcs for printed tins but it is not guaranteed. Please enquire about the MOQ for your particular tin.


Are tooling fees charged for custom made tins?

Yes, when a new shape or size is requested we need to set up new tooling according to that particular specification and a fee will incur. We’ll give you a quote on the tooling before we proceed and this fee is payable 50% in advance and 50% upon completion. Under certain circumstance, the tooling fee is refundable when your accumulated production quantity exceeds a certain number,(Normally say 500,000 pcs) but this depends on the individual tin design.